Fronius Activa Professional Flash 35A 

The best charging system on the market

  1. Tailored to your applications
  2.  Intuitive operation with very little training required
  3. Very little time required
  4. 100% electronically safe

Right Price Auto Body

Fronius Acctiva Professional Flash 70A


  1. High-Performance 70 A inverter Charger
  2. Rapid Charger
  3. USB Port
  4. 12V Batteries
  5. External Power Supply for diagnosis and software update

Fronius Acctiva Sellar

Developed for the showroom

  1. High – Performance power supply
  2. Intelligent, constant conservation charging
  3. Attractive, compact design
  4. Edge guard prevents scratches
  5. Fanless – silent

Fronius Acctiva Easy


  1. Plug-in charger and tester for 1.5-4 A
  2. Charging and testing in one clear, easy to read LCD
  3. Charge using charging terminals, cigarette lighter or OBD