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LEADERQUIP offers a premium range of automotive service equipment.

Sole distributor for HUNTER ENGINEERING COMPANY (USA) in Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Our products include Wheel Alignment Systems, Road Force Vibration Systems, Diagnostic Wheel Balancing,Tyre Changers, Brake Lathes & Unmanned Vehicle Inspection systems.

Heavy Duty Truck solutions.

Vehicle Hoists & Wheel Alignment pit racks. Complimentary 3D Design Layout feature.

Our services include installation, product training & after sales support.

Selection of affordable equipment options.

Contact us: info@leaderquip.co.za

Wheel Alignment

The HawkEye Elite® alignment system takes just 90-seconds to print alignment results automatically. Hunter Engineering’s industry-leading wheel alignment systems use precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel and provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy.

Wheel Balancers

Road Force® technology uses a diagnostic load roller to solve vibration problems and identify vehicle pulls. SmartWeight® balancing technology improves balance and minimizes weight usage. Hunter wheel balancers deliver exceptional balancing service with several patented features including Road Force®, SmartWeight® and the BullsEye™ centering system.

Tyre Changers

From the fully-automatic Revolution™ tire changer to the TCX family of table-top tire changing equipment, Hunter has your tire changing equipment needs covered. Hunter Engineering is the producer of the world’s leading tire changers. Whether you are looking for a conventional table-top tire changer or a center-clamp tire changer, Hunter has a tire changer to fit your needs.

Alignment Lifts

Hunter’s RX family scissor lifts feature best in class drive-on and raise height to reduce clearance issues. Hunter lift racks are built to minimize space while maximizing productivity in any auto shop. This auto service equipment is available in several fully-integrated options including approach ramp extensions, Inflation Station, swing air jacks, Hunter’s AlignLights System and much more.