The recent Innovation awards at the Automechanika Johannesburg event, saw Leaderquip’s Hunter products scoop three wins with one of the products claiming silver,and the other two being awarded certificates of commendation.

Entered by Leaderquip, Hunter’s three products were part of the ten finalists for the
awards and were judged in the Repair and Maintenance Category. – Hawkeye Elite Alignment
System; Quick Check Alignment Audit System; and Road Force Touch GSP9700
Diagnostic Balancer. Hunter’s HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment System,
100% developed and produced in the USA, won a silver certificate, while certificates of commendation for pioneering qualities went
to the the brand’s Road Force Touch Diagnostic Wheel Balancer as well as its Quick Check Alignment System.


Automecknika Jhb 2013. Innovation awardsThe Hunter HawkEye Elite alignment system elevates alignment service to a new level of productivity. Patented QuickGrip adaptors and
three-dimensional targets work with high-resolution camera sensors and the most powerful alignment software in the industry to help
shops take full advantage of one of the most profitable auto services.


The QuickGrip adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tyre, eliminating metal-tometal
contact and subsequent rim damage. An extensive vehicle information database and
vehicle-specific adjustment features simplify alignment procedures for fast, accurate and efficient service.
With an estimated 60% of vehicles on the road in need of an alignment, Hunter developed
the new Quick Check system to help shops quickly identify these vehicles and drive more
traffic to the alignment bay.


Quick Check captures toe and camber measurements and produces printed results
in under a minute. Service writers can then use the easy-to-understand, colour-coded
printouts to alert customers of misalignment issues and generate more repair orders for
alignment service.

The Quick Check can also undertake a more extensive assessment in less than three minutes
by gathering valuable vehicle information about a vehicle’s alignment, brake performance,
battery health, emission and tyre health. The Quick Check system makes it possible
for shops to check every car that comes to the service lane, thereby increasing revenue
and improving customer retention.

The Road Force Touch with the patented StraightTrak feature, delivers exceptional
balancing service and performs a diagnostic Road Force test faster than a traditional wheel
balancer performs a typical balance.

By measuring lateral force (tyre pull), Straight-Trak shows the technician optimal wheel placement to cancel vehicle drift and pull issues. Parameters such as tyre pull can only be measured accurately under load, making Hunter’s patented load roller the truest way to identify vehicle drifts and pulls.

Using a ‘load’ roller, the Road Force test finds hidden causes of vibration and pulls, not
related to balancing. Then the balancer offers corrective instructions to remedy the problems.
The integrated diagnostic test enhances the quality of service and generates more
profit opportunities without adding valuable service time.
The system’s SmartWeight feature improves overall balancing results, saves over 30% on wheel weight costs, and boosts productivity
through more efficient weight application. The company also walked away with an Automechanika Silver Award for its stand.
Well done Leaderquip.