Hunter Engineering Company has released a new generation of Swing-Arm tire changers with more rigidity, power and performance than models currently on the market. The TCX53 PerformanceTCX51 Professional and TCX50 Standard tireswing arm changers are each heaviest in class with more stiffness to handle today’s tough tires. Each tire changer also uses Hunter’s PowerOut™ bead loosener for the most powerful in-class bead breaking capability.

New generation Swing-Arm tire changers feature an easy-to-use adjustable tabletop that provides a 10- to 26- inch clamping range. All four tabletop jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake-free clamping and hi-grip jaw covers add mounting torque and protect wheels. Each tire changer is available with a unique 110V or 220V motor that is faster than popular alternatives and doesn’t slow down under load like air motors.

The TCX53 Performance tire changer is 15% heavier than competing models and features Hunter’s patented bead press system with multiple press arms. The bead press system speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting for the very toughest wheel and tire combinations. The patented design centers on the wheel to simplify operation.

The TCX51 Professional tire changer is 10% heavier than competing models and features the most power in-class bead press arm. The press arm pushes the tire into drop center for mounting and demounting operations and is built on the same frame as Hunter’s patented bead press system.

The TCX50 is a simplified version of the TCX53 Performance and the TCX51 Professional, but can be upgraded easily with optional bead press arm or bead press system.

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