ThHunter QuickMatch Wheel Balancer helps eliminate wheel-related vibration. It quickly measures runout (eccentricity) of a tyre and wheel assembly. The roller measures the entire contact patch of the tyre,detecting if the assembly is out of round. Match-mounting the high spot on a tyre to the low spot on a rim makes the assembly as round as possible. Runout-related vibration is therefore minimized, ensuring your customer a smoother ride.

Exclusive features make balancing faster and easier

  • Centering Check (PATENTED) – Balancer will tell you if the wheel is properly centered before you proceed with the work. {Eliminating the #1 cause of comebacks}
  • Automatic Mode Detection (PATENTED) – Eliminate the need to select the balance mode and reduce service time and possible mode entry errors. {No need to push buttons}
  • Servo Stop Drive Control (PATENTED) – Automatically rotates and holds wheel at top-dead-centre or bottom-dead-centre weight locations. {Saves time and increases accuracy}
  • TranzSaver (EXCLUSIVE) – Compares tyre circumferences as specified be OEs  to prevent damage to AWD vehicles. {Prevents costly mistakes}
  • Smartweight (PATENTED) – Odometer tracks savings. Minimizes weight usage and maximizes productivity.
  • Bottom-Dead-Centre Laser (STANDARD) – Seeds tape-weight placement and improves accuracy.
  • Runout Measurement (EXCLUSIVE) – Entire contact patch is measured, ensuring accurate results. Roller detects high spot of runner.
  • TPMSpecs (EXCLUSIVE) – View reset procedures. Updateable database.
  • Balance Cycle Time – Fastest floor-to-floor balancing time.
Power requirements 196-253V, 10 amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph (Cable includes: NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P)
Rim width 2.5 in to 20 in (64 mm to 508 mm)
Rim diameter 10 in to 34 in (254 mm to 864 mm)**
Max. tire diameter 44 in (1118 mm)
Max. tire width 20 in (508 mm)
Max. assembly weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Imbalance resolution ± 0.05 oz (1.0 g)
Placement accuracy 512 positions, (± 0.7°)
Balancing speed 290-300 rpm
ALU 7.5 in to 34 in (191 mm to 864 mm)