Easy-to-use display panel speeds balancing

  1. Balancing Input Display – Displays wheel dimensions and weight mode in an easy-to-understand interface.
  2. Operations Placard – Convenient operational instructions help new employees get up to speed quickly.
  3. Wheel Dimension Entry – Enables quick entry of wheel width, diameter and offset.
  4. Soft Key Controls – Provides easy navigation through balancing procedures with simple icon-based buttons.
  5. Weight Placement Display – Shows the amount of weight needed and exact placement on the wheel.DSP9200 display

Exclusive features making balancing faster

  • Automatic Double Dataset Arms – Speed entry of wheel data and placement of weights while increasing accuracy and allowing more single-spin balances.
  • CenteringCheck Verification (PATENTED) – Balancer tells you if the wheel is properly centered before you proceed with the work. {Eliminates the #1 cause of comebacks}.
  • Split Spoke and Split Weight Modes – Offers multiple weight choices and automatically locates the best out-of-sight position on custom wheels.
  • Quick-Thread Auto-Clamping (PATENTED) – Automatically takes up any unused spindle threads and eliminates wing nut hand cranking.
  • Spindle – Lok Brake Feature – Foot pedal brake activates entry and storage of wheel data. It locks spindle for easy tightening and loosening of wing nut.
Power Requirements 196-256V, 3 amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
(Power cable includes: NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P)
Air Supply Requirements N/A
Roller Force Variable up to 1,250 lbs (567 kg)
Rim Width 1.5 in to 20 in (38 mm to 508 mm)
Rim Diameter 10 in to 24.5 in (254 mm to 622 mm)*
ALU 7.5 in to 38 in (191 mm to 965 mm)*
Max. Tire Diameter 38 in (965 mm)
Max. Tire Width 20 in (508 mm)
Max. Tire Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)
Balancing Speed 150 rpm
Imbalance Resolution ±0.05 oz (1.0 g)
Placement Accuracy 512 positions, ± 0.35°
Balancing Speed 300 rpm