Hunter alignment systems make truck and bus alignment service fast, simple and profitable

The Hunter WT Series Heavy-Duty Alignment Systems utilize a powerful computer, Microsoft® Windows® 7 and exclusive WinAlign® HD software to deliver alignment features specifically for heavy-duty truck, trailer and bus applications.

Widest Scope of Applicationwinalign console

  • More than 60 heavy-duty axle configurations
  • Step-by-step instructions for sensor placement, measurement and adjustment are provided on-screen.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Specifications Database

  • WinAlign HD software includes a complete specification database as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.
  • Light-duty specs are also included.
  • Sensors measure wheelbases up to 600 inches on trailers.
  • 500 inches on trucks.

Cordless sensorsWireless / Cordless alignment “No strings attached!”

No toe lines or “strings”

Cordless sensors (optional).

DSP506T alignment sensors

Hunter DSP506T alignment sensors use a Digital Signal Processor to process data at the sensor, speeding the display of alignment information to the console.

Rugged Sensor DesignDSP506

  • Integrated electronic components enhance reliability
  • Hard shell cover is made of the same bulletproof material used in fighter jet canopies.
  • Impact-prone areas are protected by integrated bumpers.

Self-Centering Adaptors

  • Self-centering adaptors are light, rigid and offer high versatility for trucks and buses with low – hanging  bumpers or air dams.
  • Fits wheels 15 to 28 inches* in diameter.
  • Optional Hub Center Adaptors are available for specialty and hard-to-mount wheels.

No Cables

No Cables Between Sensors and Console

XF transmitter in each sensor sends data to the console. Signal is virtually uninterruptible even by solid objects.

Low-cost rechargeable batteries provide a full day of continuous operation.

“Hot-swap” batteries without interrupting the alignment job.

Docking stations** recharge sensors between jobs.

No Toe Lines or “Strings” Between Sensors

Optical infrared emitter/CCDs read cross-toe, front-to-rear toe and wheelbase / trackwidth.

Solid state digital inclination transducers measure caster, camber and S.A.I.