Universal Truck Tyre Changer for Truck, Bus & Special Vehicle Tyres

FeaturesSTD-303 Truck Tyre Changer

  • Allows to work with wheels with diameter of the rim from 14″ to 56″
  • Allows to work with wheels with or without a centre hole
  • Allows to work with Tubed or tubeless tyres with maximum diameter of 2300 mm and maximum width of 1065mm
  • Powerful hydraulic spindle locks safely various rims in any positions except shifting
  • Portable control column

Technical data

Parameter Value
Diameter of tyre rims 14-56″
Maximum wheel diameter 2300 mm
Maximum wheel width 1065 mm
Voltage, V 380
Electric motor power 3,0 kW
Hydraulic system pressure 130 bar
Overall dimensions, mm 2340 x 2390 x 1810
Weight, kg 770