Key Features At A Glance

  • Bead Press System (PATENTED) – Tremendous power and control. Aids mounting and demounting. Auto- centring simplifies operation.
  • Swing – Arm Column – Saves space over tilt – column designs. Locks rim diameter and width measurements for same – sized wheels.
  • Leverless Tool Head – Lifts bead without use of levers. Relieves bead stress. Traditional head option.
  • Locking Lower Arm – Helps demount heavy and difficult tyres. Assists match – mounting.
  • Tabletop Clamp – 12 -30 in clamping range . Measurement mark ease damping. Twin- cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single – cylinder designs.
  • Wheel Lift Option – Eases servicing of large assemblies.
  • Motor and Drive – Powerful  220 V high – torque motor. Two speed forward drive.
  • PowerOut Bead Loosener (NEW) –Fingertip control makes large assembly services easy.

Superior Rim Handling

TCX575 Fast and Easy Leverless Tool Head

Leverless operation eliminates – Technicians straining to pull over tough beads. Bead damage from manual levers. Rim damage from lever during demounting. Easy to operate controls – Simple switch activates leverless system. Familiar mount head design. Familiar mounting techniques.

PowerOut Side Shovel

 Fingertip control eases service of large assemblies. Smoothly pulls tyre out of stuck beads, saves time in positioning. Three-way adjustable shovel angle.

Automatic Swing Arm (EXCLUSIVE)

With the push of a single button , the swing arm locks the wheel diameter and width. Does not require the extra space used by tilt – column tyre changers. 30 % smaller footprint than tilt – column designs. Foot pedal operation keeps hands free.

Powerful Motor and Drive

Two – speeds forward ( 7 and 17 rpm) for efficiency or finesse. Single speed  reverse ( 7 rpm). 220 V -high – torque motor delivers ample power for difficult conditions.

Adjustable Height Clamping

Two work positions accommodate narrow and wide wheels and adjust to tall or short operators.

High- Quality Clamping Jaws

Internal clamping for steel wheels – Hardend steel teeth firmly hold steel wheels in place.
External clamping for alloy wheels – Measurement marks aid external clamping . Nylon inserts protect alloy wheels.

Standard Clamping Accessories

 Four jaw extensions increase clamping capacity to 30 inches. Removable tyre supports stop larger tyres from dropping below rims.

TX565 Traditional Tool Head

Choice of – Polymer head. Steel head with polymer insert for wheel protection.

Locking Lower Arm (EXCLUSIVE)

Demounting with locking arm – Demount heavy tyres and stiff bottom beads easile with roller disc.
Match – Mounting made easy – Lower locking arm allows operator to spin the tyre on the wheel regardless of aspect ratio or tyre stiffness.

Electricial  220V , 1 phNEMA Plug type L6-20P
Air pressure operating range 110 – 145 psi
Air volume of inflation tank 4.75 gallons
Wheel clamping (nominal)
  External clamping (min -max) 12-24in.
  Max with extension jaws (included) 30in.
  Internal clamping(min-max) 14-28in.
Table rotation speed
  Electric motor CW-7rpm and 17 rpmCCW – 7rpm
Tyre diameter 43,3 in,
Tyre width maximum
  Table raised position 12.8 in @ 26.6 in height
  Table lowered position 14.3 in @ 23 in height
Bead loosener withd 17 in.
 Shipping weight 1,056 lbs
  w/Wheel lift 1,137 lbs dimensions  60in.(W) x 82 (H)x 48in.(D)