Reliable workmount — High-carbon steel plates reduce frictions and attrition wear of the workmount.

  1. Full-function bead breaker — Bidirectional bead breaker cylinder gets the bead-breaking easier.
  2. Safety — Integrated Pressure Limiter stops air flow once pressure has reached 3.5 Bar, thereby preventing accidental tire over-inflation.
  3. Plastic overlays for clamps
  4. Plastic overlay for bead breaker
  5. Container for tire lubrication paste with a brush
  6. Tire lever

Parameter Value

Outer Clamping Diameter Range 10″ – 22″
Bead Breaker Power 3,200 kg
Maximum Wheel Width 13″
Maximum Outer Tire Diameter 39″
Inner Clamping Diameter Range 12″ to 24″
Supply voltage 220/380 V
Power consumption 0,55/0,75 kW
Weight 213 kg