Wheel alignment corrections ensure;

Safety, reliability and comfort for the vehicle owner.


Wheel alignment shops can double workbay turnover through properly trained technicians.

  1. Wheel alignment results are directly proportional to the knowledge and skills of the alignment technician. i.e the best equipment in the world is only as good as the operator.
  2. During training, technicians are skilled in the need and application of steering angles
  3. Reasons for the angle
  4. How to diagnose the angle
  5. How to correct the angle
  6. How to modify side to side angle difference for various conditions yet staying within manufacturers specifications.

Over 500 different correction procedures will be displayed in the wheel alignment training course.

Day 1 & 2 – Theory and Alignment Basics

Day 3 – Practical (applying what was taught during day 1& 2)

Day 4 – Revision and Final Test

Deligates who achieve 70% and above will be awarded with a certificate

 course content

Basic theory, customer communication, vehicle inspection, machine skills, trouble shooting, diagnostics, correction procedures, road testing, wheel balancing and much more.