Massive capacity with a small footprint

Extra – Wide Runways (STANDARD) – 26 runways accept wide, heavy vehicles.


Sensor Feedback System (PATENTED)– Sensors keep runways level. Safely stops if obstructed.

Sensor Feedback

Best-In-Class Drive-on Height(EXCLUSIVE) – Only 9 fully lowered. No clearance problems.

Drive-on height

Two Swing Air Jacks – 9 ,00 – lb capacity. Technicians favorite.

Two Movable Work Steps – 13 secure positions. Lightweight design.

Work Steps

Louvered Ramps (EXCLUSIVE) –  Prevent wheel spin in wet conditions. More effective than diamond tread or abrasive strips.

Louvered Ramps

Control Panel (PATENTED) – Complete operation from the console. Option PowerSlide, Inflation station and FIA control.

Control Panel

Raise Height(STANDARD) – Class -leading 76″ maximum height.

Raise Height

 Fast Descent Speed

The hydraulic system speeds lowering times by 50%. The system automatically slows the descent in the last several inches to ensure a soft landing.

Decent Speed

Power-Up System

Hunter’s dual-capacity lifting system offers the ground-clearance advantages of a standard capacity lift to handle most vehicles. To service heavy vehicles, the exclusive Power-up feature boosts lifting capacity to a massive 16 000 lbs. Only Hunter’s RX16 combines the versatility of a low-profile design with tremendous power to provide the widest range of service with one lift.

Power up System

Flush-Mount Installation

RX16 lifts may be flush-mounted in a shallow recess. No more worries about lowered vehicles or expensive spoilers! This tidy installation is ideal for “showcase” shops. Because drive-on height is not an issue for flush-mount versions, dual-capacity system is not used. Each flush-mount RX16 uses a 16 000 – lb capacity standard lifting system with 72″ maximum raise height.

Flush Mount

Swing Air Jacks

Hunter’s integrated AlignLights lighting system provides an efficient light source underneath the vehicle. AlignLights automatically turns on when the lift is raised and turns off when the lift is lowered to the floor. AlignLights is an ALI-listed accessory.

swing air jack

Max . vechicle weight 16,000lbs(7257 kg)
Max. Lifting height
  16, 000 lb mode 68 ” (1727 mm)
  Standard – capacity mode
76 ” (1930 mm )
 Flush mount version
72″ (1829 mm)
Alignment height All lock positions
Lifting speed 60 seconds
Lowering speed 25 seconds
Thread width
  Mini inside 40 ” (1016 mm )
  Max outside 92 ” (2337 mm )
Max wheelbase
  General service 187 ” (4749 mm )
  Two -wheel alignment 182 ” (4623 mm )
  Four wheel alignment 158 ” (4013 mm )
Min. four-wheel alignment 68 ” (1727 mm)

Download Hunter RX16 Scissor Lift Brochure