uni lift plus maxi



Floor incumbent steel flat carrier, powder- and cathodic dip-coated (cdc) length- and crosswise adjustable aluminum slider plates aluminum slider plates with nonskid structure cross over height 60 mm.

Electronic lift-control with non-contacting end switch acoustic and visual error display acoustic peep tone instead of feet protectors pneumatic emergency release at the control point lifting pistons hard chromed hard chromed support cylinders aluminum basic guides with integrated grease chamber.

 Capacity  3.500 kg
 Lifting height  1.860 mm
 Effective raise height  1.920 mm
 Cross over height  60 mm
 Piston diameter  123 mm
 Piston distance  1.335 mm
 Installation depth  2.338 mm
 Motor output  3,0 kW
 Power connector  400/16 V/A
 Cable length to control  8 m
 Lifting time  40 sec.
 Lowering time  40 sec.

Download Hermann Uni Lift 2.35 Plus Maxi Brochure