Hunter TC3300 Tyre Changer

Key Features at a glance


  • Tilted Ergonomic Design(EXCLUSIVE) – Eases levering and reduces back stress. Unobstructed access to the lower bead for lubrucating.
  • Floating 3- Point Arm – Faster than  swing – arm designs. Obstruction- free.
  • Wheel Protection – Clamps through hub , not to rim edge. Floating polymer mount / demount head resists marring rims.
  • Convenient Storage (STANDARD) – Store tools and accessories within arm’s reach.
  • Motor and Drive -Powerful 200 V motor . 15 rpm counterclockwise speed . 800 ft – lbs torque.
  • Side Shovel Bead Loosener –  Familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve.


Exclusive features handle tough combinations

Centre Clamp & Adjustable Clamp Support -Simple and fast clamping technique for all designs. No need for flange plates on reverse wheels.


Hunter TC3300 Centre Clamp

Blast Inflation Makes Inflation Easy – Directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead.


Hunter TC3300 Blast Inflation


Plus Device (OPTIONAL) – Great assist tool for a broad range of tyres from passenger cars to meduim – duty trucks. Aids in lubricating , lifting and guiding the tyre into the drop – centre. Adjustable roller angle.


Hunter TC3300 Plus Device

Bead Press Arm ( OPTIONAL) – Specialized assistance for high – performance tyres. Moves with the wheel to hold the tyre in drop – centre positition. Locks into place when not in use.


Hunter TC3300 Bead Press Arm


Clampimg diameter:  Optimized up to 22 in.”*
Clamping system rotating speed:  15 CW / 15 CCW
Torque 800 ft -lbs
Electrical requirements:  220 V .1 ph ,15 A
Air pressure operating range:  115 – 175 psi
Tyre diameter  50 in.
Side shovel
  Max . bead loosenimg opening width  17 in.
  Shovel power  6,600 lbs @ 140 psi
Machine weight  490 lbs
Max. space dimensions
  Width  43 in.
  Height  72 in.
  Depth  43 in.


Download Hunter TC3300 Tyre Changer Brochure