Hunter BL500 Series Brake Lathe



Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe


Key Features at a Glance


Digi-Cal Option (PATENTED) – Instantly measures drum or rotor dimensions. Helps technicians quickly determine total indicated runout.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Digi Cal


Choice of Lathe Tooling – Includes positive rake tooling. Durable negative rake tooling available as an option.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Tooling

Adjustable Feed Rate –  Dial fast for rapid removal or slow for final surface finish. One-cut pass capable.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Feed Rate

Self-Aligning Nut Option – Speeds setup. Prevents overtightening and mounting errors.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Nut Option

Disc/Drum Control lockout – Eliminates potential “crashing” of machine. Warning indication reminder.

Clamp Screw – Allows quick setup change from rotors to drums.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Clamp Skrew

Built in Tool Tray – Keeps tools within easy reach.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Tool Tray

Twin Work Lamps – Adjustable lamps illuminate both sides of workpiece. Includes built-in deflector shield.

Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Lamps

Adjustable Spindle Speeds (EXCLUSIVE) – Provides correct speed for all size workpieces. No tools required.

Hunter BL500 Brake lathe spindle


  Diameter  6 ” to 23 “
  Maximum Width  5 – 3/8″
  Maximum Tickness 2 “
  Diameter 6 ” to 28 “
 Maximum Width   8 “
Maximum Weight on arbor 200lbs
Spindle Speed(s)  Bl 505 : 85 , 110 175 rpmBl 501 : 155 rpm
Feed rate:  Bl 505 : 002 to 014 in/rev(infinitely varriable )

Bl 501 : 0,003 in/rev

Motor 15 hp .
Power Requirements  115 / 230 V , 15/75 amp50 / 60 Hz , 1-ph
Shipping Weight  525 lbs (approx)


Download Hunter BL500 Brake Lathe Brochure


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